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Conditions we treat

Medical X-ray and MRI of lumbar spine compression fracture Bulging of L1-2.and post lumbar spine  fix by iron rod and screws.Lumbar spondylosis from L1-2 to L5-S1 discs.Medical healthcare concept.

Narrowing around the central part of the spine.  This can happen in the neck, middle of the back, and the lower back.  Patients generally have trouble walking long distances.  Pain can get worse when patients try to walk “upright”.

Nerves that travel from our spine to our arms and legs can get pinched.  There are many causes.  One common cause of this is narrowing of the foramina (or holes) where nerves leave our spine.

Discs provide cushion and help absorb shocks between our backbones.  This discs can tear and this leads to inflammation, nerve injury, and pain.

A condition that can cause painful low back and buttock pain after spine surgery.

Woman with ankle pain using hand holding leg. Massaging painful her on white and black background. Discomfort around the ankle, which often includes joints or tendons that hold the muscles and bones that connect the lower leg to the heel. (Hamstring)

A painful disorder consisting of swelling, skin discoloration of extremities.  Can be seen after surgery.

Pain can start in the lower back and “shoot” down into the legs.

Grandfather Holding Head. Blood Pressure Headache. Senior Man Suffering Temple Pain. Head Ache. Neurologic Disease. Stroke Symptom. Unwell Elderly Patient Suffering Pain in Morning. Migraine in Man.

Headaches that can be associated with nausea, vomiting, vision changes, and severe pain.

A painful condition with “burning” pain in both feet.  It can sometimes occur in the hands.  Usually on both sides.  Can be caused by illnesses such as diabetes.

A burning, stabbing pain caused by nerve injury after the chickenpox / varicella / shingles virus.  Usually on just one side of the body.

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Shooting pain from the neck to the arms.  This can be caused by pinched nerves or spinal cord compression in the neck.

This pain can be debilitating, and it can severe limit a person’s ability to function.  Often caused by bladder inflammation, surgical scars, and pancreatic disorders.

Facet joints can be affected by osteoarthritis (wear and tear).  This can lead to pain with bending forward and backwards.  Fortunately, this can be treated very effectively with rhizotomies.

3d rendered illustration of a painful shoulder.

These joints are commonly affected by arthritis.  The pain from arthritis can be debilitating, and it gets worse with activity.  We have multiple non-surgical treatment options that are very successful.

We can help patients undergoing treatment, or those with a painful form of cancer.  Our staff are trained to work with empathy and respect in dealing with difficult diagnoses.

The backbone can fracture after falls or trauma.  Patients with low bone density, history of steroid use, or the elderly are most likely are at risk for this.